Services We Offer

  • Start-up Healthcare Practices/Urgent Cares
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Patient Demographic
  • Charge Entry
  • Medical Coding
  • Electronic Claims Submissions
  • Receivables Management
  • Denial Management
  • EMR Services
  • Data Migration
  • Weekly Claims Reporting
  • Month A/R Reporting
  • Customized Reporting
  • Claim Status Checks
  • Patient Statements
  • HIPAA Compliance Review

Quality Control

  • Maintaining Accuracy (Critical, Major & Minor Errors)
  • Monitoring Turnaround Times & Backlog/Aging
  • Conducting Periodic Review of Process Dashboards

Denial Management

Our Denial Management process reports and measures all claims that are being denied by your payers.  With this level of data our Denial Management specialists can fix the issues that are leading to the denials (whether it be issues with the claims or issues with the payers) and stop the torrent of unpaid claims into your medical billing process.  Once we do this, then revenues for your practice will increase up to 25%.


  • Maximize cash flow – Reporting identifies denial causes having the greatest financial impact, thereby accelerating cash flow.


  • Identify the root cause of denials – Collecting and interpreting denial patterns to qualify denial causes and their financial impact.


  • Support accurate workflow priorities and scheduling for follow up – Collecting information on denial appeals, including status, escalation, correspondence with Payors, and the disposition of denial appeals to increase recovery amounts.


  • Provide accurate and timely statistics for Management/Clients – Providing management analysis reports and other information to prevent future denials.


  • Track, Prioritize & Appeal denials – Generating appeal letters based on federal and state statutes and case citations favoring the medical provider’s appeal. Avoid out-of-timely filing.


  • Analyze the effectiveness of denial resolutions.


  • Identify business process improvements to avoid future denials.


If you implement our powerful Denial Management Solution, you can optimize your medical billing and speed up your cash flow.  As previously mentioned, our strong denial management solution can increase your collections up to 25%.

Combining Cost of Denials to Your Practice:

  • Medical practices are failing to collect 25% of the money they’re owed.
  • $125 billion is left on the table every year in unpaid claims
  • Only 70% of claims are paid the first time they’re submitted. 30% are either denied 6 (20%) or lost or ignored (10%).
  • Of those claims, 60% are never resubmitted to payers.
  • 90% of denials are preventable


If you have denied claims, let us try to resubmit those.  We can get your dead money back.